Label Printer for Inventory in Tint Wiz

Label Printer for Inventory in Tint Wiz

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Use this printer along with the Tint Wiz inventory feature to print QR coded labels for your window film and paint protection film. 

Tint Wiz Users - Get this printer FREE by logging into the Tint Wiz app, go to Support -> Live Chat and ask us for the 100% off coupon code for Tint Wiz users

Printed Label includes:

  • your company's name
  • name of the film 
  • lot number of the roll
  • remaining linear feet of film 
  • remaining square feet of film 
  • QR code to easily pull up and manage the roll

This printer connects via wired or wireless connection (bluetooth). Using the wireless option is a convenient way to print from your phone, tablet, or computer ... whichever device you're using at the time. 

For more info on how the inventory feature in Tint Wiz works, go to -> Inventory Management - Help Center